Safe "No Pressure" Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Safe 'No Pressure' Roof CleaningAs you might suspect, shingled roofs should not be pressure cleaned. The solution to this problem is in the application of the same safe chemicals used to clean your home. When cleaning a shingled roof, the chemicals are applied as "light as rain" and rinsed the same way. We never use pressure on roof shingles. The only safe roof cleaning is a chemical cleaning.

A soft roof cleaning produces results that look like new. If your roof looks darker, or green in some areas, it needs cleaning.

There is no risk for your outdoor plants as we have a worker constantly rinsing down the shrubs and grass right below where the cleaning is being done.

A dirty roof also increases attic temperature, resulting in higher cooling expenses, and may reduce the life of your roof due to those higher temperatures. A safe roof cleaning will provide visual appeal, and help prolong the life of your roof.